The ceramic studio of Mrs. and Mr. Pracný is a creative family hand workshop founded in 1987-1988. Milan Pracný is an alumnus of the top professional ceramic school in Bechyně.
His work bears the traces of his one yearś stay in Spain and with his wife of their journeys to ceramic studios in France, Scandinavia, North Africa, Canada and the USA. Creative activity of Mrs. and Mr. Pracny is influenced by their journey on the Hawaii Islands in the Pacific ocean, where they studied functional pottery of the place. A sign of quality and assessment was the invitation for the presentation of their work and products by the University of Bufalo in New York state, realized in 1994.
The studio delivers pottery beverage and decorative ceramics, ceramic lights to restaurants, hotels, cofee-houses, tea-rooms, sweetshops and ceremonial halls, and worldwide.
It prepares also original prizes as award for winners of sport contests including world championships. Our pottery workshop also produce advertising gifts and sets with plastic brands of rags of successful companies in gift packing. These gifts are meant for family use, which is a permanent reminder of donorś firm and from the advertising point of view it is a distinctive preference of the gift. Our studio does not neglect life anniversary gifts. Many VIP and their families from the fields of art, business and sport in our country as well as abroad use our ceramic products. Our ceramics can be used in dishwashers and microwawe ovens. They are not unhealthy. This catalogue contains only a part of our production. Our complete assortment can be bought more advantageously is our studioś shop and in a restricted extend in special shops and galleries.